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About Us

Sicon d.o.o. was founded in 2013. The main activity of the company is designing, building and maintenance of industrial automation systems, both PLC and SCADA. In our previuos application we have successfuly relied on proven technology of German manufacturers Siemens and Beckhoff.


Production Process Automatization

You want to have your production process performed always under controlled conditions? You want an electronic record of the most important variables in your process? You want a possibility to analyze finished production at a later stage? Sicon d.o.o. offers production process automation which will fullfill all your requirements, using latest technology in the world of automation.

Building New Control Systems

If you are a machine builder and you need a control system that is efficient, modern, easy-to-use, adapted to your needs... then you are at the right spot! Sicon d.o.o. offers solutions for control and supervision based on programmable logic controllers (PLC), as well as control panels for Human-Machine Interaction (HMI), for full control over the machine functions.

Energy consumption measurement

Energy consumption is nowadays hot topic all over the world. Energy consumption optimization is a task of a growing importance. If you want to control the energy consumption in your company and to minimize the energy expenses, do not hesitate to contact us! Sicon d.o.o. offers solutions for central data collection for all types of energy consumptions (electrical, water, steam, gas). Data collection on time and quantity of energy spent is the first step in cutting the expenses!

Modernization of an existing control system

You have an old equipment for which spare parts are too difficult and too expensive to acquire? Perhaps it is the right time for modernization of your control system? Sicon d.o.o. has a lot of experience in these tasks and offers new systems which will continue to perform the original function and offer, at the same time, some additional characteristics: - possibility of ONLINE supervision - possibility of SMS and E-mail notification - possibility of data archiving in a central data base - possibility of performance analisys using standard tools like MS Excel

SCADA Systems

You want all the production data available at one place? You want access to your production data from any place on Earth? You want current values of production, information about achieved quality, production stops? Sicon d.o.o. offers SCADA systems as a solution for supervision over the whole process: - graphical overview of the current values (production, waste, stops...) - data archiving - parameters backup and parameters change

Remote Diagnostics

Your production is stopped and you need an urgent help in diagnostic? Arrival of a technician will take time and your production losses are getting bigger? Sicon d.o.o. offers the possibility of providing direct access to your machines from a remote location and help in error diagnostic.

Telemetry Systems

Systems for monitoring and control of peak load in the industry - Telemetry Systems

Machine Control System - PLC and HMI- for different packaging machines

Control systems and automatic control plants for galvanizing - Systems for automatic management different machines for packing

Control System for Lime Factory

Systems for monitoring and control of Lime Factories

Simatic S7 or Beckhoff

Upgrade of existing Simatic S5 controllers based systems to the systems with modern controllers (Simatic S7 series or Beckhoff series)





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